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24th-Apr-2006 03:53 pm - anger management/sensitivity training
got it
To: Detectives of SVU and MCS (Munch, Stabler, Silvera, Hoffman, Tutuola, Harper, Goren, Eames, Logan, Barek, Baer, Barr, et al)

From: Dr. Emil Skoda

Subject: In-house retreat

Dear Detectives,

After talking with your superiors at One Police Plaza, as well as hearing many, many stories from and about all of you (you think I don't know what goes on? You're wrong) it has been decided by the higher-ups that you are all in for a mandatory, day-long in-house training retreat this coming weekend. Details at this time are still in the works. I will let you know shortly which day and from what time it will be.

Be advised: This IS mandatory. You will either complete the training with your colleagues or suffer through one-on-one training with myself. And if you choose the one-on-one training, I WILL be pissy.

-Emil Skoda

(OOC: please respond to this as to when is a good day--Saturday or Sunday--and what's a good time for you...as soon as I get that together, and what my work schedule is for the weekend, I'll let you know...--Cassie)
28th-Mar-2006 02:38 pm - I Turn My Back For a Moment -
After wading through these files and the other departments, I am still here, and I'd like to say, this round of journalling has been VERY interesting.
The brownstone. NOW. All of you. I have Detectives Harper, Logan, Stabler and Munch on the schedule. Detective Benson is up-to-date, Detective Barek is as well. However, the rest of you? Appointments, and no excuses.

Huang, Olivet, Monroe, the rest of the project: we need to meet immediately, if not sooner. I need files and reports, stat.

I expect posts in this thread to tell me who you are meeting and WHEN.

rp moment ::in a rare second of breaking at the office, Skoda pinches the bridge of his nose, as he closes his eyes over the overflowing files in front of him He mutters to himself:: "The coffee. Have the damn coffee tested."
14th-Mar-2006 12:05 am - Appointments
Several of you are behind on your visits.
I would be much easier on our staff if you would make an appointment instead of forcing us to track you down.
::cough:: Munch::
Pleas post to this thread if you need to be seen.
15th-Feb-2006 04:14 am - Black Box for One-Six/SVU
This entry represents the black box in the One-Six/SVU squadroom.

Please post anonymous comments here.

Note: This is *not* an opportunity for comedy
15th-Feb-2006 04:11 am - Black Box for One Police Plaza/MCS
This entry represents the black box in the MCS squadroom.

Please post anonymous comments here.

Note: This is *not* an opportunity for comedy
14th-Feb-2006 09:15 pm - Mass Hysteria
The subjects' fear of self-discovery is, in itself, quite revealing. ::grin::

"Words are the physicians of a mind diseased." ~Aeschylus
13th-Feb-2006 10:14 am - Appointments
I'm sure you will have heard by now that the Psychiatric Services has authorized the Cross-Unit Project to begin operations as of today, Monday, February thirteenth.

Please contact our offices to schedule your intial session. I would also encourage you to make use of the black boxes that will be delivered to the squadrooms to voice anonymous concerns.

Oh, and these appointments are *not* optional. See your commanding officers for details.
12th-Feb-2006 11:52 pm - Tomorrow...
As I look around, I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with this set-up. The department's been quite accomodating - in fact, they've let me create an offer I couldn't resist.

I really ought to thank whoever must've doctored the coffee at MCS and the One-Six. As it stands, that's what tipped the powers that be to agree to my conditions. The brownstone at 1414 is going to be a whole new world.

Judging from these personnell files, we'd better hang on. It's going to be a bumpy ride. I can't wait.
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