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Doctor Emil Skoda

I Stare Into the Abyss

9 January
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This is a character journal for the RPG lawandorder_siu. If you are interested in learning more about roleplaying characters from the TV show Law & Order, see that community for details.

The Character
Name: Dr. Emil Skoda
Age: 51 (b. 1/9/55)
Squad: Cross-precinct psychiatric expert, on retainer as in-house specialist.

Background: Emil Skoda grew up in a comfortable upper-middle class household in Scarsdale New York. His ethnic background is predominately Czechoslovakian; his family is a branch of the famous engineer for whom he is named, however, they have been whitewashed to a perfect WASP gloss. He grew up in a home dedicated to the life of the mind - his father was a professor of ancient languages, his mother a classics scholar. He has two siblings, a stockbroker brother, and a sister who teaches creative writing at Wellesley College. Even as a child, Emil was careful and precise, his IQ setting him apart from his peers. However, he enjoyed studying them, almost like an anthropologist with a primitive tribe. He attended Yale as an undergraduate, and got his medical degree from Stanford University. He received additional training in criminology from SUNY-Albany. Following his divorce, he moved to Manhattan to become a consulting expert for the District Attorney’s office. Recently, he accepted a retainer from the NYPD to act as a mixed-use expert for certain divisions of the department. Not only will he provide evaluation on criminals and suspects, he is there to keep watch on the workings of both groups in the criminal justice system.

Personality: In the words of one onlooker, Skoda is best described as cool, sardonic and cynical, “a refreshing change from the previous psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Olivet, who was always complaining about something or other and getting herself tangled up in the psychosis of the criminals she interviewed. Skoda, on the other hand, is cool like lemonade, and sometimes seems like he might have ended up as a criminal psychopath himself, if he hadn't done so well on the MCAT.”
Skoda is not so much a healer as a mechanic, as he will unhesitatingly admit. He’s been accused of advocating chemical fixes, and recommending harsh classifications, but his job, as he sees it, is to clearly identify a problem and a solution – NOT to get involved. The facts, uncolored by emotions, are what matter.
While he has a sense of humor, Emil does not socialize in large groups, and will generally not join group dynamics, preferring to study his fellow man than to interact at their level.

Quirks: Skoda very rarely shows any true emotion, seeming like a spectator of life, unless his professional judgment is questioned. Even then, that does not a provoke a display of temper, but instead an accurate, controlled war of words, where he strips away the niceties of speech to speak the unvarnished truth – which, as we all know, is not pretty.
He plays a mean game of pool, and prefers to give his diagnosis over a fine meal paid for by the department. He dresses causally, to create a sense of ease, but his demeanor remains professional.

Weaknessess/Flaws: The is a certain lack of emapathy in Emil’s personal aspect – his aloofness towards most people comes through. When he respects a person, he thaws a little, but to the best of his co-workers’ knowledge, scratch the surface, and the mechanic is still watching the machinery.